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Take a few minutes to meet the Photovoices staff.

Ann McBride-Norton

Photo by: Frans Keraf, Lamalera Photovoices Photographer ©

Ann McBride-Norton

Ann McBride-Norton is the founder and director of Photovoices International that provides people with cameras, photography training and a process for telling stories about their pictures as a way to bring their voices into decisions that affect their lives. Photovoices International grew out of the Photovoice project McBride-Norton initiated in China as part of The Yunnan Great Rivers Project, a joint project between The Nature Conservancy and the Chinese government in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. She is now leading Photovoices projects at sites of biological and cultural significance in Indonesia in partnership with National Geographic, WWF-Indonesia and The Ford Foundation. Photovoices is currently exploring next sites within the islands of Coral Triangle, in east Africa and with indigenous people in the Americas.


Prior to moving to China, McBride-Norton was President and Chief Executive Officer of Common Cause, a nonpartisan citizens lobby in the United States with 250,000 members nationwide. Common Cause has worked since it's founding in 1970 to reform the way federal and state governments operate, focusing its efforts on reducing the influence of money in politics and establishing high standards of government integrity.


McBride-Norton has served as a Fellow at the Institute of Politics at The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In 2005 she was selected as a Fulbright Senior Scholar to teach at Charles University in Prague. She is a commentator for All Things Considered on National Public Radio and lives in Bali, Indonesia.


Photo by: Riza Marlon ©

Saraswati, a native of Bali, Indonesia, graduated first in the class of 1998 from the Faculty of Economics at Mahasaraswati University. Following completion of graduate school, she taught Finance as well as the Economy of Indonesia. Saraswati then joined the staff of WWF-Indonesia in 1999 where she worked for eight years in a number of positions. Her last position before joining Photovoices International was Finance and Project Accountant for Friends of the Reef Program in West Bali, Indonesia. In this position she was often involved in field work, including providing finance, small business, and management plan training to fishermen, seaweed farmers, and others in communities where WWF was working.


Saraswati joined Photovoices in 2007 as Photovoices Coordinator for Indonesia. In this position she has spent much of her effort working with local people involved in the Indonesia Photovoices projects: helping to scout sites, working with local leadership, and helping to choose photographers and other Photovoices village participants. Saras was also the moving force behind the School Club in the village of Lamalera that has become a model for future sites.


Photo by: Tommy Schultz©
Umi Kusumawati

Prior to joining Photovoices International as an Information Data Analyst Umi worked with several organizations specializing in community development projects in Indonesia. Upon completion of her of S-1 degree in Agriculture, she worked with the Bina Swadaya Foundation--one of the oldest and largest NGO’s in Indonesia which is committed to community development in rural and urban areas. Following this project, she worked with the Conservation and Community Investment Forum--an International NGO which specializes in conservation and community development projects throughout Asia—where she took on many roles, including: project manager, supervisor, and central staff as well as conducting community trainings.


Umi gained additional community development experience while working with the PNK Community Development Project which helped develop alternative livelihoods for communities within Komodo National Park, leading to a reduction in marine resource exploitation within the park.


Photo by: Tommy Schultz©
Hendy Bernard

Before joining the Photovoices International team as the project’s Accountant and Financial Administrator, Hendy gained more than seven years experience in the field of Finance and Administration.


Upon graduation from STIE JAGAKARSA with a degree in Economics and a major in Business Management, Hendy worked extensively with International conservation NGO’s such as WWF-Indonesia and Conservation International-Indonesia as a financial administrator. He also has additional work experience with the private sector in the field of Hotel and Resort administration.


Photo by: Saraswati ©

Scholastica Made

I grew up in West Bali where I graduated from Senior High School. After graduation at age 19, I went to Gadjah Mada University to pursue a degree in English language. Once I completed this program, I continued my study at Udayana University where I received a Bachelor's Degree in English literature in February 2008.


In April 2007 I joined the Photovoices project as a translator for the stories gathered from the field in Lamalera and Boti in Eastern Indonesia. In the time I've spent reading and translating the original stories from the local people in Boti and Lamalera I've learned so much about their way of life and the important issues facing their cultures and communities. The Photovoices volunteer photographers have shared so much important information with us about the issues facing their communities through the project. I think we can all learn from the lessons they've shared from their lives and culture.


Photo by: Tommy Schultz ©

Rudi Tan

I was born in Sanggau, a regency of West Kalimantan province in Indonesia. I came to Bali in 2005 to study the English language at Udayana University where I received my bachelor's degree in 2007.


I joined the Photovoices project in May 2007. I think the project is fantastic--I have been able to see thousands of incredible photos taken by the villagers living in Lamalera and Boti. With each story I translate I gain a better understanding of their point of view and what they value in their communities. I have also improved my knowledge about new cultures from my homeland of Indonesia which I had not known before.


I hope the Photovoices project will empower the volunteer participants to be more aware of, and appreciate their cultures to share with the world. In addition, I hope the Photovoices project will help local governments to better know the voice of its people and preserve their diverse cultures.


Photo by: Sande Fuentes ©

Tommy Schultz

Tommy Schultz joined Photovoices as a Communications Consultant in December 2007 to design and develop the program website as well as reviewing the more than 20,000 images taken by the Lamalera and Boti village Photovoices volunteer photographers and the stories behind them.


Before working with Photovoices in Bali, Tommy volunteered for nearly three years as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines with the Coastal Resource Management Program at the Silliman University Marine Lab in Dumaguete City to help develop an environmental education program.


Prior to joining the Peace Corps, Tommy served as the Marketing Director for the Arlington, VA-based environmental non-profit Trout Unlimited.


While he's not working with Photovoices in Indonesia, he is based in the Philippines as a freelance photographer and writer.